I've been running my own business for the last ten years. (Sidenote: I honestly cannot believe it has been ten years. I feel like I have literally blinked and it happened). In the beginning, I had no idea what I was doing, Literally no idea. I just kept chugging along, trying things, failing at things, etc. And while I loved experimenting and figuring stuff out, I didn't love how I wasn't exactly making any money doing it! In the first years of my business, profit was non existent. 

With small kids at home and a husband who worked in ministry (i.e. money was not exactly growing on trees), we knew as a family we had to make some changes, especially if we wanted to live in the expensive city that is Toronto, Canada. 

Through mutual friends, I was introduced to a lovely lady named Candice who worked as a corporate strategist. At the time, I had no idea what that meant- but it had the word strategy in it and I knew I was lacking in it, so we embarked on a trade agreement where I decorated her house and she provided business coaching. 

The results were amazing. And as the years progressed, I continued to work with coaches both on a business and personal level, who helped me to understand my strengths, poke holes in my business model, and overall, make me a better person and business owner.

I really do believe that everyone can benefit from a mentor- here are a few reasons why:


It is really hard to be objective about yourself and your business. Especially as entrepreneurs, where you essentially give birth to an idea and you raise it up like a baby, you can be protective like crazy just like a mama bear. This closeness to your business can make it hard to see gaps, holes, struggles or limitations. Sometimes criticizing a business can feel like criticizing you- so to have an objective outside opinion is really valuable.


We grow from people who know more than us- it is simply just a fact. To think we know it all is just not a strategic position to take! To learn from people who have been there, done that, invested hours, have failed, have succeeded, and more is a much more efficient way to grow than trying to learn it all on your own! 


A mentor can open doors (and unlock doors that you may have glued completely shut or created barricades against, lol) to worlds you never knew existed. A mentor can help with a mindset shift that you cannot get out of, a mentor can paint the picture of possibilities that you never knew existed, and a mentor can open your mind to completely new ways of thinking. It's pretty incredible and inspiring what the right mentor can do for your life.

I am really grateful to the mentors I have had over the last ten years. If you're interested in finding yourself a mentor, or learning about the benefits a mentor may provide you, I am taking part in a really fun online summit called the Success Mentor Summit hosted by Claire Diaz-Ortiz! It features some pretty amazing speakers including Jeff Goins, Donald Miller, Jon Acuff and more. I'm speaking about "Failing Your Way to Success" and I am so excited to share this inetrview with you!!!!! To learn more, click here,