The whole notion of simplification and making life easier when possible has really been on my mind. With the number of kids that I have and the juggling act running a business can be- I need simplicity wherever possible. I can attest to how making my kids' lunches the night before has dramatically changed the stress level of our mornings- so I am going to employ a similar approach to holiday prep. 

Who's with me- who wants to simplify the holiday hustle, manage the manic rush of parties and presents and hooplah and hullabaloo? Do you want to actually enjoy your house, your loved ones, your cooking this year? Then look no further. Print this, save this to your phone, put this on the fridge, and enjoy simplified holiday prep. Big shout out to Karen who created the Christmas Pledge, which has you prepared by Dec 1- I am not that organized, but her pledge completely inspired me to have some strategy rather than feel completely disheveled, even if I only start on December 1.