My basement was covered in paneling and cedar shingles. Seriously- who decided putting roofing on a wall was a good idea?!? You can catch the third instalment of a video partnership I have with Style At Home, my basement and home office makeover here. The before and after is pretty dramatic! You can also check out the other videos in the series here and here

Looking back on my home renovation has been so much fun. When I came up with the idea to capture the entire renovation process through video, even I thought I was nuts- seriously Lisa? Add an entire video production on top of the already stressful experience of renovating your entire house?!? With a whole bunch of small kids alongside? Yup- nuts.

But to watch the transformation, and capture various ages of my young children on video, has been a delight. It was worth all the hard work. I’ve said it many times before, but a huge motivation for me in doing what I do is helping families to thrive at home. With my renovation complete and my home designed to suit my family’s unique needs, I now get to experience what I have helped my interior design clients to do- enjoy time at home with the people most important to you, in a space that sets the stage for beautiful memories and allows a family to thrive.

I hope this video series has been helpful to you. If you’re inspired to start a home reno or room revamp- let me help.

I’ve compiled all the items used in my house, PLUS a fun PDF on how to survive a renovation with kids to jump start your plans.

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