I LOVE the part at the end of an interior design project that involved pulling accessories. It's these little touches- trinkets, picture frames, vases, cloches- that make a space feel like a home. Here are my favourite spots to shop for accessories in Toronto.

1. Chapters Indigo

Their collection of products is always so carefully curated. You'll find gorgeous cloches, marble serving trays and a great selection of frames and art prints. My favourite part is that it is kinda a one stop lifestyle shop. Meaning you can grab a great cook book, the perfect dish to serve it on, a mug with your initial on it and a cozy blanket to curl up with a tea in your new mug after cooking a fab meal. And if you need a new purse, scarf, meditation headband- you'll find that there too! Can't make it into the store? Their online shopping is really convenient and boasts brands you won't see in the store like Jenny Bird jewellery. 

2. Elte / Elte Market

If you have money to burn (like $400 on a pillow or $80 on designer coasters) Elte is the place for you. Super inspiring / aspiring, Elte is like wonderland for us designer folk. Shop for unique table top items and luxe luxe luxe textiles. Elte Market, it's edgier sister store around the corner also has great accessories at slightly more moderate prices points ($175 per pillow, fab clearance section).  I just picked up a fabulous black mirror that now sits in my daughter's room. 

3. Home Sense

If you enjoy the thrill of the find (although truthfully it's less thrill, more luck / edging off other shoppers for that piece you want!) Home Sense is great. You have to hunt, sometimes go to multiple locations when you want a pair of lamps or pair of pillows- but what they've got its great. The buyers have an eye for the high end but source at really accessible price points. I love Home Sense for pillows and interesting- but economic- tabletop accessories. 

4. Addison's Inc

It is actually thrilling to step into this store. Run by the ever charming Jim Addison, this place is a destination for prop stylists and designers alike, but for your home there are all kinds of vintage goodies to explore and give a home to. Antique signs, vintage cabinet hardware, vintage puppets- curious little oddities abound in this downtown Toronto treasure trove. Be careful not to get locked in the 100 year old Don Jail cell that Jim has set up in the back.

5. Love the Design

Christine Flynn, photographer and curator of this Summerhill shop is the cool girl you wanted to be friends with in high school. She brings her hip sensibility and ahead of the trends eye to her shop with vintage pieces and vintage reproductions. Come here for reproduction apothecary bottles, monogrammed wood cheese boards and her original photography.