Where possible in my home and in my business I try to operate as eco-friendly as possible. This includes composting, recycling, reducing paper use, and using energy-efficient light bulbs. But let's keep it real- the spiral shaped bulbs are not the most attractive. And with exposed bulbs being so popular in design right now they aren't the most esthetically pleasing choice. 

Say hello to the Nanoleaf Gem, as shown on the ends of my Atelier Nomade rope light installation in my daughter's room. 

When a bulb is exposed like this it really is crucial that the actual bulb looks fabulous too. The Nanoleaf Gem satisfies that and then some with its faceted design and opaque white colour. It casts a soft warm white colour which is so lovely (compared to the more harsh white of typical energy-efficient bulbs) and it's shatter resistant which is great for a home with small kids like mine. Unlike other LEDs, which are too bright and harsh for atmosphere lighting, the Nanoleaf Gem is the first LED that has the same inviting light as an incandescent while using just a fraction of the energy. 

They are launching this new product today on Earth Day. Here's to great design that also helps conserve on energy. Where do you try to conserve energy in your home? Love to know in the comments below.