As a mom of five it is a huge priority for me to protect my family from harm. I feel like that is a principle that unites all parents- the desire to to keep our babies safe. While we can't protect our kids from everything, we can control what comes into our homes and what gets put on our bodies. And while I am no expert in all things green, I am certainly on the lookout for opportunities to make easy, safe choices for my family. 

This is why I love the philosophy of The Honest Company, now available in Canada at The Honest Co., founded by Jessica Alba, came out of a desire to provide better, safer products for babies and families. Anything that makes my life simpler I am always game to try- so when they reached out to see if I would like to try a few products and give some honest feedback on the blog I was pretty excited. 

Let's start with these diapers- I mean come on, they have cherries and strawberries on them. And how cute peeking out under a pink patterned dress!

The diapers perform very well and so nice to know they are free of chlorine and chemicals. Love that.

This shampoo and this conditioner smell SO GOOD. And I am a sucker for pretty packaging that integrates with my decor- love the simple deign of the bottles and accessible typeface.  

With 7 people to bathe we go through A LOT of soap so I was pleasantly surprised by how far a small capful of the Tangerine Dream Bubble Bath went. Tons of delicious smelling bubbles that honestly smell so good I could have drank the stuff.  

My favourite product sample was hands down the natural deodorant in Lavender Vanilla. It's no secret I love essential oils for productivity, and this is jam packed with sweet smelling ingredients to neutralize odours. It's great to know that it is aluminum and zinc free- and seriously, another one I wish you could smell through the computer because it smells so good. 

Finally, the best thing about this entire natural operation was the speed in which it all occurred. I ordered everything online and in 2 days it showed up on my door step. Running a business and raising a family means time has to be used with intention- so I loved how simple and fast the process was.

Creating homes that allow families to thrive is a huge part of my interior design business. Watch how Jessica Alba and The Honest Company want families to thrive here.