It is hard to believe the summer has come to an end. For my family, it was summer of being stretched- I stretched my design muscles by redoing our backyard,  we were stretched to trust in God when our third child was in hospital for 5 days with a stomach virus that just wouldn't leave his tiny system, we took another month long epic road trip and enjoyed lots of aimless time with each other. 

It's the aimless time together that was my favourite. Towards the end of the summer Ford Canada gave us a Flex to enjoy some #familyflextime (check out that hashtag on my Instagram to see where we ventured). We were very spontaneous and took trips downtown where we were tourists in our own city.

With my three youngest kids in tow, we parked in the Yorkville neighbourhood with zero idea of where we were going to go! We walked on Bloor Street where we stumbled upon the cutest little flower pop up shop. We grabbed coffee, popcorn and cookies at Starbucks, and we climbed the big rock in the Yorkville parkette (where the pigeons were pretty darn interested in our snack spread! We even managed to do a little clothing shopping for mommy where I scored a gorgeous coat I had been eyeing! It was some pretty awesome, aimless, quality family time. 

I must admit, it has been several years since I have looked into car features (we drive a minivan with basic features that seats 7 that we are about to outgrow when baby #6 comes!) so it was pretty fun to drive a car with so much technology in it (like active park assist that essentially parallel parks the car for you!). And let me tell you this pregnant mama appreciated the seats were air conditioned. Yup, the seats! 

Speaking of flexibility, that is what this summer has taught me the most. That with a family of my size and work at the same time, flexibility is essential. If I tried to control everything, it just simply wouldn't work. I am trying to remember that today on the first day of school, with my three oldest off- the third one for the very first time. Despite my best efforts to be organized- clothes laid out, lunches packed, even shoes at the front door- it wasn't a seamless morning. And I am ok with that. 

This morning I wanted to start a new habit of my own- and if you visit my Instagram story today you'll see the hack I used to get myself up out of bed at 5am so I could have some time to myself- I used to be really good at this habit,  and then when my fifth child came I naturally fell off the wagon and kinda never consistently got back on. Today- I did it! Stay tuned for updates if the habit sticks : ) 

Wishing everyone an amazing start to September! Special thanks to Ford for partnering with me on this post.