So excited to share that a project I am so proud to have completed is in this month's Style At Home. I completed this project which we tagged as #riverdalereno across my social media platforms so feel free to take a peek at all the behind the scenes process shots. 

I met homeowner Donna Bishop in 2011 in the greenroom of the Marilyn Denis Show. We were both presenting segments about our niches, me design and Donna beauty with an eco lens, and while waiting for our live segments she shared with me the incredible story of how her life changed forever when her son developed cancer at the age of 2. After his successful battle, she went on a mission to eradicate potentially cancer causing agents from her family's life- starting with her make-up kit. This has led to her becoming a sought after expert in the area of eco-beauty, and the creation of her salon Green Beauty, specializing in products and services that are clean, healthy and safe for all. I became a regular Green Beauty client, and over the years we became friends- so when she asked if I would help her family undergo the renovation of their Toronto home I was so excited for the challenge.

Given Donna's platform around eco consciousness, we made lots of intentional decisions to be responsible with materials used. We reused several pieces of furniture in the new space. We donated everything we could to families who could benefit. We reclaimed materials like the barn board that came from a barn in Acton, Ontario, and made pillows out of drapery that hung in the original house. 

There was a ton of strategic design that went on to maximize this small space for the clients. We planned the use of every single drawer before we built the kitchen. We intentionally created a separate pantry area with dedicated space for a beverage sink, juicer and coffee maker. 

Here's a peek at the other side of the kitchen that the magazine didn't include- we created a custom desk and eating area area and re-used a chair and piano bench that we had recovered from the original house. 

I'm incredibly grateful to my clients Donna Bishop and Stephen Keith for trusting me with their house and their family and giving me freedom to do what I do best- with a ton of strategy and intention, create a home that will allow a family to thrive. Thanks to Ann Marie Favot and Christine Hanlon from Style At Home, and thanks to Valerie Wilcox for capturing the images on the pages of the magazine.  

Photos in blog post provided by the super contracting team on this project Black General Contracting.