Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! I've got some fun progress to share. I'm excited to be taking part in the One Room Challenge, a really fun six-week blogging experience where designers and design enthusiasts "compete" so to speak to the finish line [side note, we're all winners] to complete a room in six short weeks. I've done this mad dash a few times. Check out my home gym and my laundry room here.  

I'm designing two kitchens for two fabulous families, who happen to be neighbours, using the same builder, same designer, at the same time, and are my friends!!! You can catch up on week one here, and week two here

Helping families thrive at home through strategic interior design is such a passion of mine. And so much family time happens in the kitchen which is why I wanted to share these spaces with you on the blog. Here's the update for this week.


SO EXCITED- in this house, which is the more modern of the two, we went with grey custom cabinets with a modern double step bevel profile on the doors. Hidden under all this plastic is a beautiful navy blue island which I cannot wait to reveal. 

Counters are in, and I must say they are spectacular- come back next week to see them! But as you can see, since they are down that means the backsplash can go up. And boy is she a beauty. 


JUST LOOK AT THIS BEAUTY- This kitchen is classic in grey and white, and to suit its more traditional design we used a bevel profile on the cabinets. The counters going in this home go in on Monday and the backsplash we have planned is going to be just incroyable. Come back next week to see the progress.

It's going to be interesting to see which kitchen finishes first. They will be days apart from finishing- and very very close to the six week deadline. Very curious to see if we can pull off TWO KITCHENS for this challenge!  

Until next week!!! And go check out what all the other linking participants are doing here.