Welcome back- I am so excited to be taking part in the One Room Challenge, where Linda from Calling It Home challenges designers, decor enthusiasts, and DIYers to complete a room in six short weeks. I have done this a few times. Check out my home gym and my laundry room here.  

I have been tackling two [yes, two!] kitchens, for two lovely women, who live next door to each other, who are using the same builder, and hired the same designer!!! How much fun is that?! 

Week four is a pretty hard week in the challenge- as you are close, but not close enough!!!! Here is the update this week:


As you can see, house one, my more modern house is getting pretty close. We were bold [and a little edgy] with the contrast of the herringbone backsplash with a JUST GOSH DARN GORGEOUS AND BOLD Cambria quartz counter with some pretty dramatic and gorgeous veining.

And look at the hardware- loving how the circular pulls look on the drawers!!!


Just look at this yummy counter we've got going on. It's elegant and understated, and just the perfect fit for this house [the more traditional house]. There was a small issue with the counter island, so the counter was brought back for a re-do- which means this kitchen will be a significant race to the finish line… 

Designing two spaces, for two unique families has been so much fun for me. If you've been following me for a while now, you know how important it is for me to help families thrive at home through strategic interior design. It is so much more than counters and backsplash for me- it really is about setting the stage for lasting memories, and facilitating a place where families can be their most authentic selves. 

Come back next Thursday for more!!!! 

Cheers to designing your beautiful life,