It's week 5 of the One Room Challenge, an online challenge to get a room designed and finished in 6 weeks hosted by Linda at Calling It Home. My favourite part about it is the camaraderie that exists between all the participants as we race towards the end. It's week 5, which is so close to the end, where in my case so much still needs to happen.

I was remarking to my girlfriend and fellow ORC participant Sarah that the ORC is like childbirth. When you're doing it, you're like WHY ON EARTH AM I DOING THIS AGAIN, THIS IS SO HARD!!!! But when it's done, you are so blissfully in love, satisfied and unbelievably grateful.

It's a short and sweet update from me this week as there is just so much still to happen in 7 days- but to my fellow ORC participants, WE CAN DO THIS! Check out the featured 20 designers here and the rest of the guest participants here. See you next week for the reveal!