Hello friends- so excited to be sharing another installment of the One Room Challenge, where designers and bloggers are challenged to completely design and renovate and style a room in SIX WEEKS. Crazy, I know. But let me tell you it was incredibly motivating last time around when I completed my laundry room so I am thrilled to be doing it again. It's pretty awesome when you can take a space and be motivated to make changes that will bring so much good to your family. 

The room we are tackling this time around is my home gym. It kinda became a glorified storage room with an expensive treadmill in it. With newfound goals to be more healthy and try and get into some sort of physical shape after having 5 kids I really am motivated to get this room done and make it a really inspiring and beautiful space to work out in. 

However, right now beautiful and inspiring it is not. I have to admit every time I go in there my heart sinks, I close the door and I procrastinate making the decisions that need to get done. 

This is why deadlines are so great. They force you to stay on track even when you don't want to. 

I am pretty excited about a home gym but I am honestly equally excited to de-clutter my house even further. Right now the contents of my gym, which was FULL OF CRAP, are strewn around my basement, making it basically impossible for me to relax. But it's week 3, so the end is near- which is both exciting and terrifying at the same time. 

If you too are knee deep in clutter here are 3 super quick wins to make it more manageable:

1) SET A TIMER: Literally set the timer on your phone, or put a 20 minute TV show on for the kids on Netflix. Just sort through and put in the garbage or donate pile what you can in that amount of time and don't worry about the rest. It is not insurmountable! De-cluttering is literally done one item at a time. 

2) CALL JUST JUNK: I recently helped a family sort through 7 years of accumulated clutter and we strategically booked Just Junk in the middle of the day to take away what we had sorted. Just Junk will literally lift, carry, dispose of, and donate all this stuff. For a pretty reasonable fee you're given the physical support to really conquer your clutter. 

3) PICTURE THE END RESULT: When I get overwhelmed (which has been daily my friends) I just try and picture what my gym and the rest of my basement will look like when this is done. Keep your eye on the prize!!! The hard work is worth it!!!!

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