For a good part of 2014 I ran the design team on Buying and Selling with the Property Brothers. So I am used to racing to the finish line. To get ready for reveal days, we would sometimes work until 2am to get an entire main floor to camera ready perfection. It was grueling, sometimes gruesome, but gorgeous results always came. So deadlines don't scare me. In fact, completing a space in 48-hours actually makes me excited!  

But this time it's a little different. I don't have a big team, I don't have a big budget, and I'm juggling lots of other work and life demands while completing this laundry room project for the One Room Challenge (you can get caught up on my progress herehere and here). Which, may I say, the ORC is such a cool concept- complete a room in 6 weeks and blog about it in real time. Linda, if you ever find yourself in Toronto drinks are on me! Love the support and mutual celebration I am seeing demonstrated among bloggers and designers across North America and beyond! So great to celebrate each other and highlight so much talent. 

This week has been slow and steady, impacted by the fact that I thought I was in full on labour last Friday, and the fact that I had to wait on stock for one of my tile colours. So while I wait for stuff to happen this is what we do at the Canning House:

Mommy tries to take a selfie and my youngest wants to play too. While we were doing this, a team was at work downstairs. The space is now fully drywalled, insulated, and ready for tiling. Speaking of tile:

I've committed to a fun, graphic approach to the floor in three shades of grey. For my backsplash, continuing the graphic treatment with matte white 4" x 16" tiles in a herringbone pattern which will be such a fun contrast against the floor. Massive thanks to Enrique and his creative team at Creekside Tile in Toronto who helped me resolve a ton of indecision! So wonderful to work with vendors who can expertly guide and offer awesome design insights.  

So as you can see it's going to be a BIG push to get this puppy done, but bring it on! I have been loving following the progress of the featured 20 One Room Challenge participants, and everyone included in the ORC Linking Event! A big hello to all my new friends : )