If this your first time to the blog welcome! To refresh your memory, I'm participating in the One Room Challenge, this fun and ambitious project where I am completing a room, in real time, in 6 weeks. Get caught up here and here. And did I mention I am having a baby super soon?!?!? Nothing like a baby coming to keep a girl motivated… 

So we have gutted the room which as you might remember was FULL OF CRAP. Tip for purging a room of its contents: have a ruthless friend with you who can ensure you actually purge instead of going on a sentimental road trip of delusion. Purge that stuff and get it gone. Speaking of purge here was our crazy old, crazy heavy cast iron sink:

And here it is broken in two to make way for a beautiful new modern sink cabinet.

Confessions of a pregnant renovator who should really know better since I do this for a living advising clients all the time: I get super overwhelmed when it comes to my own home. It's like I completely forget all my years of experience and the fact that people pay me to do this for them. People pay me to be their cheerleader, be their strategic guide. For some BIZARRE reason, that all goes out the window for my own home and I become an emotional lunatic (#uglycry). Any other ORC participants feel the same way?

I'll be back next Thursday with lots more progress- some of my finishes will be installed over the next week and then it's going to be a close to the wire finish- which also could be dramatically impacted by the arrival of our 5th child. Stay tuned for all the drama! To keep up with the mayhem of all the One Room Challenge featured bloggers click here, and for fellow linking party participants click here.

Special thanks to the team at Black General Contracting who have been so helpful with this tight deadline : )