When I start a design for myself or a client, I start with coming up with 5 words that will describe the design and I basically use them as a filter for all design decisions. Doing this for clients is really helpful as it ensures the goals of the project stay on track- and for my own home, I need as much direction and discipline as possible since I know the multitude of design options available to me- I find designing for myself very overwhelming!

Here are the 5 words I am using as my design funnel for my laundry room that I am completing as part of a fun little project called the One Room Challenge:

The process of coming up with the 5 words takes me some time and discernment- I carefully select them, tweak them, use a thesaurus until the balance of the words is just right. And then comes the fun part… 

I use Pinterest and pin pin pin until I feel I have an accurate vision of how I want the space to feel. This is the visual reference point I use to select all the actual finishes in the space. 


Faucet is by Brizo, cabinets by Cutler, baskets / hampers from Bouclair. I still need a bit more to satisfy the vibrant element- loving these coloured wire baskets, perhaps will add some vibrancy with a bench cushion and pillows like this Agate fabric, and I am debating if at all practical to add a level of polish with these Restoration Hardware sconces I have in inventory. Stay tuned for more every Thursday as I keep at it with the One Room Challenge! For more about this amazing challenge where you complete a room in 6 weeks and blog about it in real time click here– there is an impressive group of 20 designers being featured. And to see other bloggers who are participating in the linking event like me including my lovely friend Sarah Walker click here! Next week I'll be sharing where I am at construction wise in the space- it's going to be a huge transformation!