One of the reasons I love the One Room Challenge is because it “forces” me to make decisions.

Because I am legit the most indecisive person when it comes to designing for myself.

Ask me to design your living room? I typically have it designed in my head within 5 minutes of entering your house! When I worked as an HGTV production designer, I did not have the luxury of time on my side- I got very good at picturing how a space could look great for camera within 5 minutes of the cite walk through.

But for me? BAHAHAHA. I have so much trouble deciding for myself. I’m grateful for the One Room Challenge as it acts as a fire under my behind to get spaces finished.

As I shared last week, I am going to be tackling the playroom in our new home in Florida. In today’s post I am going to wrestle through some of the design decisions that need to be made pretty quickly!

Like in this space by Joanna Gaines, I need all the storage. The space is HUGE- so there is all kinds of potential for some beautiful built ins, open and closed storage… and a library ladder!!!!!!

Don;’t you just love this space by Roxanne West? I do.

Ever since I watched the scene where Belle sings about wanting adventure in the great wide somewhere on the ladder in that scene in Beauty and the Beast, I wanted a library ladder. But I have never lived in a home with large enough ceilings to pull it off! My playroom has these great soaring ceilings and lots of natural light- so I am excited that this can be a reality!

One other thing I need to navigate is how to place the TV in this space- I don’t love designing around the tv. THat’s why these spaces by Studio McGee (ps HAVE YOU WATCHED THEIR NEW SHOW ON NETFLIX?!?!?!) speak to me- I am either going to paint out the built ins a dark colour so the TV does not stand out, or invest in a TV that looks like art when the TV isn’t on so that it’s not such an eyesore….

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