One of my favourite things on instagram right now is the hashtag #MondayMantra. Images marked with this hashtag include motivational quotes and great typography meant to remind you of your purpose and kick start your day / week off right. Here is my round up of the best quotes available for purchase- I love that you can support an artist AND give your desk or gallery wall a shot of inspiration at the same time. 

Knowing the why behind your what has been so important to me this last year, as I write about here. Knowing your "why" is what will keep you going when things are difficult, when things are not convenient. This print by the MotivationShop on Etsy is a great reminder to know your why.

This is the print I currently have sitting on my desk.  Being nice has always been a far better strategy for me compared to other alternatives. Love this print by Heather Francisco for Minted, available at Indigo.   

If you really, really want something, I am convinced you make it happen. I see this with my clients in their budgets when I thought we were at the max. And I see this in my own life in the things I prioritize and make time for, even when my spare time is scarce. So this print by TheMotivatedType on Etsy is a great motivator- if you want it, figure out a plan to do it. No more procrastinating. 


This quote by Shasta Knight might seem contradictory to the last, but it is actually quite related. My biggest "secret," and the most common answer I give people when I answer the question "how do you do it?" is this= I know what I am good at and what I am not. And I do my best to delegate accordingly. I think I currently say no more than I say yes (which is really hard for me). This quote is a great reminder to keep priorities in order. 

Finally, from the lovely SS Print Shop, I am always mindful that His plans are better. 

What are your favourite quotes to keep you motivated, help you be more productive and make your space inspirational and beautiful? Love to know in the comments below.