With 5 kids under 6 years of age the opportunity to sit down is ALWAYS WELCOME. So when I was offered the opportunity to test out the iRobot Braava I was very excited. So were my kids, let me tell you! 

The pros: This is a pretty nifty piece of technology. A small cube (placed on my island in the video) is essentially the GPS system for the unit. The mop navigates its way through a room and backs up at area rugs, baseboards, furniture pieces. The little guy weaved its way through all the legs of my stools on my kitchen island and under benches and side tables. And inspection of the microfibre cloth that comes with the unit revealed how dirty my floors were- and all done without me exerting much energy at all (I did run around with the vacuum first and made sure that there were no crayons or other things that could get under the mop and be dragged around).

The cons: The cloth doesn’t really scrub- so if you have dried liquid spills or sticky stuff don’t rely on it to clean up that mess. And don’t attempt to use this with toddlers around- I tried to use this with my 1 year old on the prowl and she kept pressing the buttons and copnfusing the poor little guy’s mopping path.

Time saving strategy: It is suggested in the instructions that you monitor the unit so it doesn’t fall down stairs or drag potential harmful things that would mark your floors under it. But of course I need time hacks! Earlier this week, I was getting ready for a girlfriend to come over to meet our new baby and I realized in a mild panic our bathroom was horrendous. The Braava saved the day- I checked the floor first, put the unit in, closed the door and by the time my friend was over I had clean floors. Pretty awesome tool in my time starved life. 

If you want to save time on mopping your floors check out the product here. And for more products that save on my cleaning up time check out my newest article over at SavvyMom.ca!

What cleaning time hacks have you got? Love to know in the comments below! 

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