I love Pinterest. I use it all the time for inspiration- however, my schedule doesn't allow me to do many of the labour intensive DIY projects that come up around the holidays. And in truth, even if I attempted them, I can guarantee that many of them would be an epic fail- I am not a patient person and the thought of waiting overnight for a decoupage project to dry just doesn't do it for me. Plus, I would probably forget to buy the essential ingredient needed, or buy the wrong kind of glue or what have you, and then be too lazy to go out and get it and I would be left with a messy, half finished project. 

But if you're like me and want your house to look cute around the holidays, but want to make the process as stress-free and fun as possible, today I have partnered with Delta faucets to give you a few simple strategies you can employ this Halloween (this entire list took me under an hour to do!) 

1. Create a candy buffet in glass jars

This is such a quick and simple hack- take glass jars (most of which I already had around the house) and fill with candy. My children thought this was the best thing ever. I used grey measuring cups and spoons with black handles that were already in my kitchen as serving utensils and let the kids have at 'em. To make it look Pinterest worthy, make sure each vessel is really full!

2. Stick pumpkins in anything to make it Halloween themed

I took a cloche with a black base that I normally have in my bathroom filled with soap, filled it with a $3.99 bag of white pumpkins and voila- instant Halloween themed (and kinda pretty) decor. Literally took me 2 minutes.

3. Unwrap store bought chocolate to make it look gourmet

I did go out and buy a spider web cake stand- and for half a second thought about making ghost themed cupcakes I found on Pinterest (chocolate base, white icing, and then add chocolate chip eyes and a mouth). But instead, I took Mr. Big small sized chocolates, unwrapped them, and put them on a platter. Looks pretty and saved me a ton of time baking!!!! 

4. Just use store bought decor 

Again, power to the moms out there who can create DIY tassels, use an icing bag like a pro and can spray paint like it's nobody business. For the rest of us- just go buy store bought, pre-made, made for you decor. These tassels were $3.99 at HomeSense, the BOO sign was $19 at Canadian Tire and most of the other decor items you see above I just had hanging around the house. 


Strategically I placed this entire operation on the counter in my basement kitchenette to make sticky finger clean up a breeze. My faucet is the Trinsic by Delta in the Champagne Bronze finish.


5. No stress face paint

Again, I had some lofty ambitions when it came to face paint- I had printed off templates to follow to create a gorgeous little butterfly face for my daughter. But she had other plans- so we rolled with it. 

Not going to lie, the perfectionist mom in me kept wanting to try to control the experience- but she was having so much fun making a mess I realized it was better to just let her do her creative almost 3-year-old thing. The results were spectacular.  Eventually we cleaned up our mess. In our family bath we have the Delta Vero single lavatory faucet in Champagne Bronze. 


How are you keeping Halloween fun and stress free this year? Love to know in the comments below. 

Special thanks to Delta Faucets Canada for partnering with me on this post.