Bad days- we all have them. There are days when I get out of bed and everything seems to be against me from the start. I am sure you know what I mean- I’m talking about the kinds of days where things don’t seem to go your way, where disappointment and negativity creep into your thoughts seemingly unprovoked, where things just seem like a big fat mess. I have seen MANY of these days in the beautiful chaos of raising 6 little kids while running a business.

Thankfully, I have also seen many of these days turn from bad, to good. So if you’re having a down in the dumps day today, here are a few strategies I hope will help turn things around. 

1. Hydrate (and caffeinate)  

Water and coffee are essentially on repeat in my house all day long. Before you make any decisions about how bad a day it is going to be, drink a big tall glass of water, and I like to follow my water up with a beautiful cup of hot coffee. I honestly think a cup of coffee can fix almost any problem (at least in my head it does)! All kidding aside, no good things come when we are hangry- so eat something, hydrate, and in my house, caffeinate. 

2. Go outside and do something physical

Sometimes a bad mood is honestly just in our heads. So to get out of my head (and out of my negative thought pattern), I like to do something physical, preferably outside. Even if it’s just on your front porch, or for a short walk around the block, or an impromptu dance party in your living room, get up and get those endorphins working in your favour.

3. Listen to, but don’t believe your feelings

Raising 6 little kids has taught me A LOT about feelings (their, and my own!). You know how a toddler can cry one minute so hard but then you give them the toy they wanted and they miraculously snap out of their horrible tantrum? It’s because feelings are temporary, transient, ever-changing. This is such an important point to remember!!! We should listen to our feelings, but not necessarily believe them or let them define our day.

I share more of my personal strategies for getting out of a bad mood in my latest YouTube vlog. Check it out below and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel! Cheers to positive days : )