I love designing kitchens- they are like a fun puzzle, especially when you get to start from scratch like I did in this recent kitchen above (photographed by the lovely Valerie Wilcox for Style At Home).

But it's not always necessary to start from scratch. Sometimes- like in this kitchen I am tackling for the One Room Challenge- all you need are small tweaks to take the most dated of kitchens and make it shine.

Oh boy- having done the One Room Challenge twice before (my laundry room and my home gym), week 4 is reliably a challenging week! It's usually the week I need to call in some crazy special favours- and while this time around I'm not working on my own house, the homeowners have been doing an incredible job of rolling up their sleeves! But there's still so much to coordinate and plan for in the next 2 weeks ahead. 

This dated kitchen at a cottage property that is very special to me (I recently began my month sabbatical relaxing in this space!) was really dated. But with strategic design and small changes this kitchen is going to be a gem.

Fast update: CertainTeed insulation is in- yay to a warm kitchen:

So much of the space has been painted white. Doors have been taken down, holes drilled, and prepped for their Grass quiet close hardware. And of course winter returned to the lake:


Will spring ever actually get here and stay? Fingers crossed by the time this year's challenge is over this lake is glistening in the sun. 

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