I am so excited for the holidays this year for a couple reasons 1) I am out of a cast- having 2 hands for Christmas is basically the best gift ever and 2) it's our second Christmas after our massive #canningreno so it's super fun to feel more at home and less overwhelmed by finishing up unpainted trim and the like. 

Christmas is a big deal in the Canning house and we celebrate it hard- as Catholics, we observe at our home the traditional liturgical observance of keeping things a bit simple and solemn in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Then at Christmas Eve we go Christmas wild and that is when all the ornaments and colour and WINE and BACON and BUTTER come out for 12 DAYS. I cannot wait. Until then, we are keeping it pretty neutral. Here are a few secrets to keep it feeling super cozy and super glam all using neutrals.

1. Play with pillow patterns

Pillows (and textiles in general) will often dictate the colour scheme when I design for clients. And I like them comfy- 20" x 20", down filled (or down alternative) is where it's at. They provide the perfect amount of give to nestle up in. When using a neutral scheme, it's important to keep it interesting through variety of patterns. I find pillows are such an easy way to achieve this variety as you can play- you can physically swap out various scales and patterns until you feel satisfied with the combo. I went to Tonic Living for this cozy combo platter. 

2. Mix your textures

A neutral palette can sometimes fall flat if there isn't variety in texture. So during the holidays mix up the woolens, knits, linens, natural woods, metallics and mattes to keep it really interesting. I love how the exposed wood in my coffee table is a rustic accent / anchor against the soft knits in my sofa. The table is from one of my brand partners Mirens- if you have not heard of them it's a great new Canadian founded company and I love them for their curated assortment of modern products at great prices. Lots of pieces for people who love a modern, minimal esthetic.

 3. Add the glimmer

This is the element that makes it feel "holiday" and less "winter" -side note: this is why I love starting with a neutral palette as it is super easy and cost effective to strip down the holiday elements but still remain super chic for the rest of the winter- I'll be adding way more of this aspect come Christmas Eve but have started with my white Christmas tree.

From my two little elves, I hope this season has been a great one thus far!