Well, we did it! We have successfully moved our family of soon to be 8 kids to our new home in Florida. I write this from a mattress on the floor because as you know if you have been following along, we sold almost everything we owned and are rebuilding piece by piece.

And it has been overwhelming.

We said goodbye to all our support systems, our regular sources of childcare, our rhythms, our routines…

…and it left me feeling so overwhelmed.

In the juggle of unpacking boxes, trying to find clothes, and sheets, and baby bottles, managing my hormonal pregnancy emotions and the emotions of 7 kids, AND still trying to answer work emails and deal with cross border banking and ALL THE THINGS…

…I was so overwhelmed that I started to believe the lie that you cannot follow your dreams and be a great mom at the same time.

And it was HARD. I was really starting to give in to every form of stinking thinking, every form of negative thought pattern, every form of white flag waving defeatism.

And then I treated myself like a client.

When I coach a mom 1-on-1, I always ask these three questions:

  • What is going really well?
  • What is going not so well?
  • And if a miracle were to happen in your life right now, what would that miracle be?

And so I treated myself as a client, asked myself those questions, and realized the big thing I am lacking right now: a regular schedule, where my top priorities are captured through recurring appointments.

So I did what I would tell any of my coaching clients to do: I looked for what was possible. I enlisted the help of local childcare so my husband and I could go on a date. I looked up when the local church was open and discovered I could go after my kids were in bed to pray. I started a routine involving my kids in dishes and laundry. I wrote out a schedule when it would be ideal for me to work and drafted a job description to post in a local childcare job listing board.

And immediately I started to feel empowered.

Because here’s the thing- overwhelm is a feeling. It’s a real one, and it can hit like a mack truck.


And the fastest way I have found to get out of overwhelm, is to make a plan. And then take ACTION, no matter how small, towards making that plan a reality.

That’s it. The action can be imperfect. The action can be so small you may not think it will make a difference in the world.

But action is what will make the difference between living your dreams, and living in constant overwhelm.

And you can do it too.

Going well: we have ottomans! Special thanks to Home Pop for sending it over as the best welcome home gift ever.

While we literally sold almost everything, I made sure to hang on to a few things that remind me of home, like this Ontario mug : )

Things I cannot wait for: actual dining seating- we are currently improvising with our double stroller lol. Also excited for an actual sofa! And actual everything else lol.

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