The transition from Summer to Fall is probably my favourite- I just love how crisp the air gets and the changing colours of the leaves. It also presents my favourite time to swap out decor- when the furs, knits and cozy textiles come out. If you're craving a bit more cozy in your life, here are my favourite ways to create the coziest bedroom ever.

1. Start with a dark paint

It is no secret how much I love a dark hue in the bedroom. I think it's just so inviting and dramatic and can assist with creating an atmosphere for great sleep. So in this space (belonging to the son of Toronto Star writer Vicky Sanderson), we went with Black Sable by Delux. For added drama, go matte with the paint finish for a really chalky, rich, deep hue. When you go dark on the walls don't forget about the ceiling. Think about a textured or patterned wallpaper, or a ceiling paint tinted with at least 20% of the wall colour so the contrast isn't too harsh. 

2. Add textured wood

We worked with Artemano as a partner on this makeover and selected this incredible bed and pair of nightstands. The natural textures in the wood just scream cozy to me- and the handmade, artisanal quality of their products are just lovely and authentic. I am typically not a fan of buying a matching bed and nightstands, but in this case I wanted the species of wood to match. The natural colouring and texture of the wood provides ample variety in the pieces and since it's a fairly small room, the visual continuity of the wood bodes well in creating continuous sight lines. 

3. Create intimate display nooks

We carried the natural wood texture in this little study nook for Vicky's son. Made with inexpensive stained lumber, her son is able to display his favourite artifacts, memorabilia and photos on floating shelves over this sleek lacquered desk. For me, the accessories in a room tell a story and reveal so much about who lives there- so I always try to incorporate little vignettes in spaces I design. These little vignettes bring life and character to a room- and that to me screams cozy.

4. Add a mix of textiles

Coziness to me is all about textiles- and it is amazing how much impact changing out your textiles can make, in relatively little time. Add woolen blankets, a faux fur throw, heavy felt fabric pillows and knits for a really cozy mix on the bed. On the floor, a sheepskin rug or gorgeous wool patterned rug make all the difference- and again are relatively easy to swap out as the seasons change.  

How are you changing out your decor this season? Love to know in the comments below.