Last Thursday September 30, my design assistant Kristelle and I were busy busy at work setting up for two photoshoots I had booked for Friday- my last day of work before going on my maternity leave. This entailed a unloading a van full of art work options, propping small accessories, cleaning spaces and installing a few last minute items. Business as usual.

First stop: my Brant street client. After waiting what felt like 5 years for a beautiful table and chairs to arrive from Italy, the space I worked on this summer is complete! Here is a glimpse of the final product (with a gorgeous custom art piece by RLS Studios) (pictured above).

Second Stop: Knot PR office on Adelaide St. The challenge was to take the small space and make it as hip and stylish as Knot PR director Tatiana Read. I think we succeeded:

Lisa Canning's interior design work for Knot PR Esplanade

It was in the midst of the installation above that things got interesting. Here is the full play by play of how we came to welcome the newest member of our family into the world:

Thurs Sept 30 5:30- Unloading my van at Adelaide and Peter I start to feel something strange but pretty much ignore it. I have 2 West Elm bags in hand, Kristelle has my tool kit and other heavy things pregnant women can’t carry. It’s the day before my mat leave begins and I am pumped to finish strong! Plus, I am so enticed by my upcoming 3 weeks off…

6:30pm- I say hi to Tatiana at the Knot PR office. We catch up about her event Paws for the Cause, we talk strategy for some of my PR briefly, we figure out where to hang her new Eames Hang It All and I politely kick her out so we can install window etch film above her desk. Definitely feeling something funky but the baby isn’t due for another 3 weeks so I carry on.

8:00pm- Driving home Kristelle and I get McDonalds (pregnancy indulgence!) and I am feeling definite muscular pain in my back and abdomen (ie. contractions) but I attribute it to being on my feet all day at 37 weeks pregnant. (Or indigestion from McDonalds). I’m not due for 3 weeks after all…

10:00pm- I am totally showing signs of early labour as per my copious google search. A quick call to Mount Sinai, my mother in law and my mom confirm it- it may be time to have this baby and should definitely get checked out. We pack our bags, stop for another round of McDonalds (I know, twice in one night, gross), and make our way downtown.

Friday October 1, 12:45am- Turns out I am 4-5cm dilated and have definitely been experiencing contractions (not indigestion). This baby is being born today!

12:45am-3:30am- Contractions move along QUICKLY. I walk the halls, debating to get an epidural or not. Wanting to at least attempt a drug free delivery, I distract myself with an article about Stephanie Savage’s LA home– and I figure out how I am going to coordinate 2 photoshoots from my hospital bed after giving birth.

4:00am- EPIDURAL TIME. This should buy me at least a couple of hours of sleep.

5:00am- Sleep for a few hours? Just kidding! I am shocked by the number of people filing into the room. Apparently I am 10cm and it is time to push.

5:30am- It’s a girl! It’s a girl! In a morning full of rapid surprises, this is by far the best one. Evelyn, a little sister for our son John.

9:00am- As early as I think is reasonable I start the calls. Family and friends are ecstatic and surprised! I put calls out to my 2 clients and to my photographer and ask if everyone is cool still moving forward on the photoshoots without me. Everyone is on board and I in bliss bonding with my new baby girl.

5:00pm- My stellar photographer Tanja Tiziana busts these out, putting up with mycontrolling messages all afternoon:

Lisa Canning's interior design work for King ST W Loft (Bedroom)

And yes, I only had 2 photoshoots scheduled for the day, but a third one came up:

Lisa Canning's daughter.