In the sleepless haze of new baby time, it's so easy to forget important dates coming up- Father's Day is Sunday June 21 this year, incase you needed help remembering also. 

This image is from a Father's Day segment I did on the Marilyn Denis Show where we built a man cave in studio- some fun products from Gladiator Garage Works, Bean Bag Boss, Indigo and more. 

Instead of a gift guide, I want to take some time to brainstorm how to thank dads for being great dads. I often struggle with these holidays as I have great hopes to do something to make my dad / my husband feel special, but then I put so much pressure on myself when it isn't perfect I get frustrated- anyone else have this complex? 

So I'm trying to think of a genuine, but relaxed way to show/tell the men in my life that I care about them. Is it a relaxed brunch? A framed photo? Do I serenade them? Love to know your suggestions in the comments below : )