From my family to yours, a very Merry Christmas!!!! I hope your celebrations have been amazing. We are still partying on and feeling quite indulgent.

Speaking of indulgent, we had the lovely opportunity to celebrate my mom's birthday at my house just before Christmas and I seized the opportunity to embrace magnolia leaves and greenery goodness. It was so quick and simple to throw together to create a polished table using the greens as a runner.

I wanted to make this party a really special celebration but was kinda strapped for time- my cast from my cellulitis saga came off not long before this party, so I had to make prep really efficient. I picked up the greens and magnolia leaves from Loblaw's (at half off I may add!) and everything else was stuff I already owned- except for these adorable white candlesticks from Hudson's Bay on clearance for $3. It might be because of the cast situation forcing me to take it easy, but this is one of the first holidays in as long as I can remember where I have not been too stressed out or overwhelmed to enjoy it. Because being too stressed out to enjoy precious moments like these would be such a shame. And enjoy we did! 

And we are still enjoying- Christmas Eve all the colour came out and we've been having a great time at home.

A big part of decorating for the holidays for me is to mark that there is something really special going on, to invoke some wonder and some awe, and to celebrate the reason for all the hooplah. And that reason of course is the birth of a tiny little infant who would change the world- and my life- forever.

A very Merry Christmas to you all!!!