it’s week three of the One Room Challenge, a fun initiative put on that encourages designers and design enthusiasts alike to transform a room in 6 short weeks. I am tackling our master bedroom in our new house in Florida this time, and you can catch up here and view all the guest participants and featured designers here.

As many of you know, I spent the first ten years of my career building an interior design business in Toronto, Canada where I lived until very recently, relocating with my family of 10 to SW Florida. We sold almost everything, and have been slowly designing and decorating our new home one room at a time (I tackled my living room for the Fall One Room Challenge).

Designing for other people when I was doing this for a living was honestly a piece of cake- I found that I could make decisions pretty confidently for others. But when it comes to turning the tables back on myself… it’s a whole other story. Part of it is that I know all the options available to me (there are so many!) and part of it is of course, I won’t want to make expensive mistakes…

But here’s the thing that is so important to remember in ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING we so. Staying in the same spot gets us literally no where. If you want to make progress on your home, your goals, and your life, you have to be willing to fail. In fact, I argue we need to FAIL FASTER.

Things can be returned. Paint can be changed. Samples can be ordered. Expensive risk can be mitigated. But we do need to move in order to get what we want.

So while I sit here in design paralysis, I’m going to post the things I am almost certain I am ordering today (and crossing my fingers they will arrive in time!):

We’re going to go black or gold on Colleen’s crib… lol I will decide today.

I decided to go floral on the walls- YAHOO! This I confidently purchased and pulled the trigger on.

And for lights I am either going to go beaded (which I feel like will get vetoed by ,y husband LOL) or something a bit edgy-er and modern- I have a light fixture that made it on the truck when we moved that I intended to use in my last house but never did so we’ll see if it makes the cut…

Stay tuned for more friends!