Well my friends… it’s that time again! It’s the time when many of us design obsessed / deadline obsessed people jump on to a fun activity called the One Room Challenge. I have participated a few times before, including my Florida living room, my Toronto home gym, and more! In this challenge, we design, renovate, and document a room transformation in 6 weeks, blogging every week until the room is done.

As you might know, we have recently relocated our family of 8 kids from Toronto, Canada, to our new home just outside Naples, Florida. And for this challenge I am tackling my master bedroom… and I have no idea what I want to do!

This was my bedroom 2 houses ago in Toronto- dark and moody, with a bit of sophistication and glam:

This was my bedroom 1 house ago in Toronto, a modern cabin in the woods type of vibe:

And for this bedroom I am CONFUSED! Do I want to go moody and dark, or keep it light and bright? Here is the room:

It’s a LARGE room and we already have the bed and drapery (I was a million months pregnant when we moved here and so I knew I wanted a comfy bed and privacy immediately when we got here) but otherwise it is a completely bank slate.

I have no idea what I want to do, and so what I love about the One Room Challenge is that it forces you to make decisions and move forward- so here are some of the things I have floating around in my bed when it comes to the kind of room I want to fall asleep in every night.

Do I go dark and moody again and mix green and navy like this stunning space by Studio McGee?

Or even go green on green like this room by Dyke and Dean?

Or do I go light and bright- and focus on texture on the walls and allow the colour of the bed to be the focal point?

OR do I do something bold on the walls like this from anewall????

I’ll be back next Thursday with more photos and progress… and hopefully a direction for how I will make our master bedroom a safe haven for my husband and I! See you next week!