I literally cannot believe I just typed the words back-to-school [SUMMER DO NOT LEAVE ME], but if I am really honest, this is the year I finally learn from previous years mistakes and actually buy back to school stuff EARLY. [Side note: don't try to buy school uniform stuff the weekend before Labour Day because sizes are LONG gone thanks to organized moms who shop in May and June, no joke. All I am thinking in May and June is summer here I come lol].

This is THE YEAR I do my back-to-school shopping early in a calm, organized, not last minute manner [ok let’s get real again it will probably be last minute but a girl can dream].

On the list for me include new bento-box style lunch boxes [times four as I have a new little darling starting JK for the first time], all the pencils, sharpeners and erasers I can get my hands on as I swear my kids backpacks eat them, and this year a new addition on the list is Play-Doh.

As a child, I recall spending HOURS with my Play-Doh sets, loving that I got to use a plastic knife like a grown-up and having contests with my sister to create the longest rolled noodle ever.

Now that I have six kids, revisiting aspects of my childhood is just simply the best. And let me tell you, Play-Doh has evolved quite a bit from what I remember in my childhood. From dentist sets to elaborate pasta makers, there are so many options to spark a child’s imagination.

The number one reason that Play-Doh is on my list this back to school season is that it gives me an opportunity to interact with all my kids, at their various stages, at the same time, in a truly unplugged manner. It’s not always easy to find an activity that my toddler and my six year old can enjoy at the same time- but with Play-Doh, my kids can open their own cans of imagination and create based on their own level and interest.

And did I mention it involves no screen time? I myself can become so consumed in my own phone and my laptop that to truly unplug, and be with my children as we create is just wonderful.

My kids and I were invited to participate in this fun video where I share more about the benefits of Play-Doh and why it's a win for my family. Love for you to check it out and let me know what you think.

Play-Doh Lisa from The Co. on Vimeo.

Thanks to Play-Doh for working with me on this sponsored post.