My friends, I did it. As I shared recently on the blog, I was really determined to not leave back-to-school shopping to the very last minute. In years past, I was the mom staring at empty racks of school uniform clothing, going to multiple stores to try and find Bento box lunch boxes because everyone was sold out- and you’d think I would learn from past mistakes but nope! Every Labour Day weekend you would find me in the exact same spot, scratching my head as to how it happened yet again #lol.

So this year, I wanted to make it simple for myself and happy to report that it was a grand success- I took my four school aged kids (and the baby) and we were done in an hour and a half. #momwin

If you are curious what we picked up, check out my newest video below! I share in it all the goodies and seriously- this year’s haul was awesome. 

If this was helpful, I’ve compiled where I got everything, plus some other fun treats I found in my travels in this neat little download below. Just enter your email and the list will be sent over! Happy back-to-school shopping!