Earlier this month I had the amazing opportunity to appear on Hallmark’s daytime show Home and Family. This is a channel we don’t get up here in Canada, but it is a wildly popular one in the US- and it was amazing to spend time with the hosts Cameron and Debbi and oh my word was it great fun.

For a little behind the scenes look at my experience, check out this video below!



As a mom, a lot of people depend on us. And this couldn't be more true for Alison, a firefighter and mom of 5-year old Gwen, who I recently had the pleasure of working with to totally overhaul her laundry room. At work, people depend on Alison to help save lives, and at home, her family depends on her for countless things – so creating systems and spaces that allow her to reliably get the job done was the name of the game in this space.

Alison and Gwen Maytag Lisa Canning laundry makeover

That's why I was proud to partner with Maytag on this space and install Maytag’s new Front Load Extra Power Washer and Dryer pair. If you're looking to create a laundry room you can depend on, here are my key elements:

Maytag Extra Power Lisa Canning laundry makeover


What I love about these units is the Extra Power feature. 

For the washer: 

  • The Extra Power button fights stains that dissolve best in hot water and in cold – all in one load.
  • The washer offers the Most Powerful Cleaning in the industry driven by the Heavy Duty cycle.
  • The 16-Hr Fresh Hold® option keeps your clean clothes smelling fresh in the washer for up to 16 hours after the wash cycle ends thanks to its internal fan and intermittent tumbling that circulate air through the clothes.

For the dryer:

  • The Extra Power button helps get thick fabrics drier the first time by adding extra time to the cycle.

  • There are options for steam-enhanced cycles to help prevent wrinkles, refresh clothes and reduce static.

  • The Advanced Moisture Sensing feature monitors inside moisture and air temperatures to help evenly and fully dry heavy loads.
  • You can dry a small load fast with the Quick Dry cycle, which pairs nicely with the Quick Wash cycle on select Maytag® washers to get clothes ready in no time.

That's the kind of cleaning we all need at home.



Alison's home is teeny-tiny, so every single square inch of this space needed to count. I went with taller than normal uppers in a high gloss navy blue for a look that is both modern and functional, allowing Alison to store detergent, cleaning supplies, towels and other necessities in arms reach.

We also incorporated storage on the other side of the room with multiple drawers, and decorative shelving. This space doubles as a desk for Alison's young daughter when not needed for folding!


Whether you are a Netflix-and-fold kind of person or not, I think a dependable laundry space needs to have ample counter space. In this space, I used butcher block counters to provide a warm textural contrast against the blue cabinetry and marble wallpapered walls. Installing a counter over a front-load washer and dryer is always a design-must for me as it provides a durable surface and creates a more built-in look to your appliances.


I think one of the most overlooked functions of a laundry room is space for hanging clothing that needs to air dry. Whether you use a folding wire contraption that allows clothing to lay flat, a rope that allows you to hang clothing, or hooks like I did right here, you definitely need to plan for this element so the behaviour of air drying clothing actually happens! 


I am a big believer that when a space is beautiful, we are so happy to be there, and this makes us super productive. So we utilized all KINDS of strategies to make this space just gorgeous. We wrapped a marble wallpaper along all the walls, we added gorgeous crown moulding, we added all kinds of teal accents and just had so much fun with art, beautiful towels, and greenery.

Thanks to Maytag for partnering with me on this project! For more info on how to use their appliances to create a dependable laundry room, click here.

Cheers to creating spaces that help us moms to thrive at home : )

This post is a sponsored post by Maytag. I work hard to research and stand behind the brands I partner with as I want to provide content that will help make your life easier, and more beautiful as a hardworking mom.



A few weeks ago, I was so fortunate to speak at The BabyTime Show (now called The Baby and Toddler Show) here in Toronto. It was so much fun. I had an amazing weekend where I partnered with a few brands for my booth / live stage presentation, and I connected with several moms in one-on-one time management strategy consultations. So incase you missed it, I wanted to share with you some of the tips that I shared in my talk: Time Management Strategies for Busy Moms. 

Here's the thing about time: we all have the exact same amount of it, and how we use it will determine the happiness level of our lives. And while we cannot control how much time we have, we can control how we spend it. Here are my essential tips for managing time well in the business of motherhood:


My first time management strategy is to cast vision of where you want to go in life. If we don't know where we're going, it doesn't matter to me how many time management strategies you use. You might be using them in the wrong places. The question you want to ask yourself is if you could live life like the most ideal version of yourself, what would that look like? And there are a couple ways that you can do this. One way I love is the rocking chair test that Tony Robbins offers at a lot of his seminars. Picture yourself at the age of 80, sitting in a rocking chair, reviewing your past 80 years.

What are you proud of? What did you do that you feel so incredibly grateful that you did? What regrets do you have if you had any? What do you wish you could have told your younger self?

Another exercise I really like is one that I found in the book Living Forward by Daniel Harkavy and Michael Hyatt. It's the exercise of writing your own obituary, looking at the end of your life, and reflecting upon how you are going to be remembered. 

These exercises can help us to have a more clear, and intentional way of living. I really believe in my heart of hearts that a mom will be most happy if she can have a stance of where she is going.


We cannot do it all. And we definitely cannot do it all at the same time, and do it well. So I believe that a really important skill for a mom to learn is how to delegate. There are so many things in a mom's life that can be delegated. Can you break up who does school drop off and pick up? Could you delegate cleaning of your house to a cleaning service? Can you delegate who plans and prepares meals?

One of the ways I do this for my little guys is with Love Child Organics prepared pouches. These pouches are so convenient. Especially with the holidays approaching, it's so easy for me to be entertaining guests and conveniently give my children organic and nutritious snacks and meals without me preparing it myself. 

The Simple Firsts (available in apple, pear and prune for babies just starting solids) and Super Blends (available in 15 flavours, my kids are currently obsessed with the Banana, Carrot, Mangoe + Coconut blend) are all in convenient, resealable pouches that are perfect for small appetites. They can be safely closed back up again, popped in the fridge, and used later for the next meal or snack.

While I would love to say I had time to make my own organic baby food, these prepared pouches help me feed my kids in a really convenient way.


This is a little bit different than delegation, but also along the same lines. For example, if you do something the same, or similar every week, how can you automate that so that you're not working so hard every time? The way I do it for grocery shopping is through a click and collect service where via an online platform you're able to literally use the exact same shopping list and with one button simply schedule when you pick up your groceries. It takes so much effort out of that exercise. Additionally, there are a ton of ways I use automation in my business. I use an email automation platform that allows me to collect emails, bill clients, even schedule appointments, all without me having to give any attention to it.

And have I ever told you about my obsession with Uber Eats?! Sometimes, a mom needs an extra pair (or a hundred pair) of hands to get life done. When I want a night off from cooking, Uber Eats delivers food from all my favourite neighbourhood restaurants- and there's no searching for where my kids placed my wallet, or where I stashed my purse when the delivery person arrives at the door- payment is completely automated via PayPal, including the tip!

With online shopping, and the holidays approaching, I have to be honest, sometimes I am doing it with a baby on my hip, a computer on my lap, my phone in my hand, and my wallet no where within arm's reach. So one of the ways I automate my online purchases is using Paypal. With Paypal, you have your credit card number saved within its online platform and it makes your online purchases literally reduced to a simple swipe and click. It's a way that you can automate your online purchases, all from the palm of your hand, often without having the leave the house!

Paying with PayPal saves on time and lets me get back to enjoying my family. Many of my favourite apps (Starbucks!) offer PayPal as a payment option which I love because it makes it easy to pay, it’s secure and I can do it right from my mobile phone.

For the full run down on how PayPal can help automate your holiday errands easily and conveniently, click here.


My next tip for time management is what in your life can you batch? So batching is a description for essentially taking similar activities and doing them all at the same time. So for example, I used to record one YouTube video a week and I would set up the camera on Thursday, get it all worked out, figure out my lighting, figure out my technology, often fail at some aspect of the technology, record my video, and then do it all again the next week. And it was always taking so much time because I would have to set everything up every single time. Now, I batch shoot several videos in one day.

Another example of batch creating is cooking all your meals on Sunday evening for example. You can create so many meals, and stick them in your freezer, and when you think about it, you've already got all the utensils out, you are already chopping, you're already dirtying your pots and bowls, and the process is so much more streamlined.


Another really important time management saving tip is what in your life can you delete? This is a hard one for me. I really hate disappointing people. I really hate saying no, especially to things that I care about. But what I think is really important to remember, and this is very much in Greg Mckeown's book Essentialism, is saying no to something is actually saying yes to something else. Saying no to something is actually saying yes to something else. It can be really hard to draw hard boundaries, but I believe if a mom wants to live her most fulfilled life, she can't do it all. She definitely can't do it all at the same time. So we have to have the courage and the strategy to say no to certain things so we can say yes to other things like our families, our own personal goals and dreams.

The show was so much fun, and if you go onto my instagram, check out the highlight from the show. I've got lots more things on there including products that I bought at the show, sneak peaks of the other vendors, as well as a full tour of my booth. My booth was outfitted by Buy Buy Baby and I had this really cool electric fireplace with Dimplex's Opti-myst technology. And I am grateful to The Electric Fireplace Shop who came and set the unit up for me. And you can see all of that by watching the highlight in my instagram.

So tell me, which of these tips resonates most with you, and which of these tips do you think that you could implement today? Let me know in the comments below!

Special thanks to Love Child Organics and PayPal for partnering with me on this blog post. I work hard to ensure the brands I represent help to make a mom's life easier, and enjoyable, and I make it a policy to work with brands that I personally use and enjoy myself.




The juggle, that is motherhood, is real. Between laundry, dishes, diapers and nap times, how do you fit in a date night, exercise, or anything else without losing your mind?!? We as moms juggle so much!

But what I have learned in almost 11 years of business, and seven children later, is that it is 100% possible to be a great mom AND follow your dreams at the same time. It takes planning, strategy, and a hard look at your priorities, but in the end it is so possible to do well.

I’m excited to once again to be speaking about the topic of work-life balance and how to design your life so you can be a great mom and follow your dreams at Toronto’s BabyTime Show! 

Come hear me share my Time Saving Strategies for Busy Moms on Friday November 16 at 2:30pm, and Saturday November 17 at 11:30am at Toronto’s BabyTime Show.

In addition to speaking, I am again going to be offering FREE STRATEGY SESSIONS FOR MOMS. Whether you are pregnant, or juggling life with little ones in tow, join me at the original baby show for everything prenatal to preschool. We can chat all things strategy, from time management, home management, ideas for a new business, or how to have a business or a blog with small kids in the mix, come join me at booth 268. Book your time with me here!

And you know it’s going to be the coziest booth at the show, right? Seriously. It’s going to have the most modern electric fireplace with the Opti-Myst technology I showed you before in this project, cozy gliders from buybuybaby, tasty and nutritious organic puree samples from my sponsor Love Child Organics, and we’ll chat how to save time this holiday season with my sponsor PayPal.

Plus, we can work through where you might currently be stuck in the areas of:

  • time management
  • work-life balance
  • balancing work and babies
  • how to start a blog with small kids at home
  • how to work during nap time
  • how to go on a regular date night
  • how to finally make progress on goals
  • how to not lose yourself in motherhood
  • how to feel like a confident mom

I cannot wait to see you.

The BabyTime Show runs from Friday November 16-Sunday November 18 at the International Centre in Mississauga. Book your strategy session with me here.



Very excited to announce new changes coming to the website- while I will continue to offer select interior design services, I am changing things around here to reflect my love of helping moms uncover and experience their most authentic life.

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