Lisa Canning with her three children. Her children are jumping on a black couch.

Lisa Canning is one part savvy, fashion-forward designer; one part busy, authentic mom. 

Think of her as your trusted friend and expert guide, ready to help you create your own blueprints for a beautiful life.

Like you, when Lisa gets home from a long day of work, she doesn't want to have to work on her house. She wants her house to work for her, and she wants your house to work for you, too. Lisa's passion is ensuring that every room in your home is as beautiful as it is functional for the way you live: drawer by drawer, room by room, detail by detail. 

Do you want a TV-worthy home that is within your budget and a dream-worthy life that is within your reach? Lisa Canning knows it's possible, and she will help you get there in style. She'll probably recommend a great hairstylist, a fast family meal and a fabulous pair of pumps along the way, too.

Passionate about helping people spend their money wisely, Lisa's smart design planning and her strategic, empathetic approach to budgeting will have your home and your design budget both streamlines and working for you in no time. 

What does "Life After Lisa" look like? As her clients will tell you, it's EFFORTLESS, ORGANIZED, PEACEFUL. And last but not least, BEAUTIFUL. 

From Lisa: On how your home impacts your life

"I love clean, streamlined interiors that really take into account how the space is going to be utilized. I organize every drawer, every shelf, so that part of the outcome of a beautiful space, is also a more organized space. I am a big believer in the impact of our environments on our behaviour. I like to create spaces that let people live well."

From Lisa: On living large in small spaces

"I live in the city, with 6 people under my roof. My backyard is tiny. My kitchen is tiny. I recently renovated so we could use our space more practically, and still maintain the urban lifestyle we enjoy. I believe with strategic interior design, every inch can be maximized to the fullest potential!"

From Lisa: On motherhood

"A large part of the reason I always knew I would eventually be in business as my own boss is the flexibility it gives me in growing my family. With 4 small children under the age of 5, I've grown my business and my family size at the same time. The art of juggling is an art I am always working hard to master- and I'm enjoying the pursuit."