When I am overwhelmed with life I have a few tools in my back pocket I go to often. But my favourite technique to battle overwhelm is to simply fill my brain with as much good stuff as possible- meaning reading things that fill my soul, make me better, and following people with great practical tips in general. So today I would love to share my favourite motivating people to follow on the internet- and why you should follow them too.

 1. Michael Hyatt

So it's no secret I am a fan of Michael Hyatt. In early 2014 my husband introduced me to his blog and book. His blog, podcast and membership site Platform University are great sources for leadership development, how to be a great blogger / writer / platform builder, and I just love overall his attitude towards living with intention and integrity. 

You should check out: this podcast interviewing Greg McEwen, authour of Essentialism. Amazing stuff on the disciplined pursuit of less.

2. Marie Forleo

I swear my baby is going be born with a New Jersey accent I have been listening to so much of Marie's content. She is just awesome. With her happy, sometimes a little crass, everything is figure-out-able attitude, you can't help but be in a good mood after listening to her helpful videos on getting more done in less time and overcoming fear and self doubt. 

Fellow entrepreneurs check out: her video on how to determine how much to charge.


​I have just discovered his platform and what intrigues me is his approach to lifestyle design. He has several products with the 4-hour promise: 4-Hour Work Week, 4-Hour Chef, 4-Hour Body, etc. Essentially he is full of strategies and hacks to be efficient and get more done in less time. I look forward to delving into his content more. 

Favourite thing so far: he suggests to check your email ONLY TWICE A DAY. This would be a huge departure from my current behaviour- but I totally see the merit and how it would save me a TON of time. 


I have known Lynne through the Toronto blogging scene for a little while now, but when you read her blog, I feel like you really get to know her. Her blog is full of design tips, cool DIY projects, crazy helpful blogging strategies, but the best is Lynne's vulnerable self that is pretty darn motivating (and often times so funny you'll be crying) even in the worst of moods. 

Don't miss: her family's story of cancer, why your voice matters and 40 funny things about men – this last one had me laughing SO hard. 

5. Stu McLaren

Doesn't this picture say it all? Sign up for his emails for regular motivating posts on growing your platform while making more time for the things that really matter. Stu practices what he preaches by making time for his charity he runs (with his wife!) World Teacher Aid.

For visual motivation: Check out his instagram feed filled with great quotes. 

Who are your favourite motivational people to follow online? Love to now in the comments below.