We all strive to be healthy… right? If you're anything like me, you put working out and eating well on the goals list, eat healthy for a period and then it's right back to old habits again (poutine is my kryptonite). 

After working with the lovely Jenn Pike of The Simplicity Project on a collaboration on her kitchen, let me tell you am I motivated to get back to better habits again. I seriously want to be this woman when I grow up. Her simple approach to good nutrition, balance and harmony in the body is so inspiring- and we extended that same ethos to a kitchen and dining room transformation that I am pretty wild about. 

If you're embarking on a renovation, here are 5 easy ways to update your kitchen:

1. Add a rustic touch

This is a trend that is sticking around- and it a great way to update your kitchen without necessarily having to make a big mess. Some reclaimed wood floating shelves, some gorgeous wooden trays or even just a big beautiful wooden cutting board are easy, simple ways to incorporate this trend. 

We used this trend in Jenn's kitchen with this beautiful table and chair set, and hammered metal pendant lights from Artemano. Made from scratch from artisans sourced from all over the world, it's the handmade touch that makes this trend so popular. Look for items that have a handscraped element like this table and hand carved features like this gorgeous wooden tray set.

If you're tackling the kind of reno where mess is necessary, consider using a hardwood floor with this same rustic element. Again a trend that is super popular but I argue will be around for a while is a floor with a handscraped element like this engineered hardwood from Torly's.

2. Update an appliance or fixture

This is a really easy way to update the look of your kitchen without going through a huge reno. Usually it is fairly simple to replace an appliance of the same size, or a fixture like your kitchen faucet. In Jenn's kitchen (where she teaches cooking lessons and creates healthy recipes that are honestly to die for) we replaced her kitchen faucet with my favourite Delta Trinsic faucet and matching soap dispenser which boasts touch activated technology- so no fumbling with the faucet when your hands are covered in kitchen mess. You simply tap anywhere and water or a controlled amount of soap (magically) appear. The integrated pull down spout is my favourite aspect of the design of this faucet! 

And then when you've enjoyed your healthy meal make clean up a breeze with an efficient dishwasher. I honestly don't know what I did without a dishwasher before- they simply make life easier so you can get back to enjoying time with your family. And this Whirlpool dishwasher has an intuitive sensor that measures how many dishes it needs to clean, and how dirty they are, so it can intuitively adjust itself to the right wash and dry settings. Doesn't get more simple than that! 

3. Change your backsplash

The backsplash is one of the ways you can make a major visual win in the kitchen- on my design consultations it is usually one of the first things I recommend to swap out when you need a kitchen update. This Silver Fox backsplash by ErthCoverings provides another rustic element and just looks like a piece of art in Jenn's space.  Made of 100% high quality natural stone, and since the multi-height backsplash comes in large modular pieces (as opposed to individual small strips) installation is quick and clean.

4. Update your cabinet hardware

Updating your exterior cabinet pulls is one way to create an update in your kitchen. But why not think about updating your interior hardware as well? In Jenn's kitchen we used GRASS soft-close cabinet and drawer hardware. Again, you might be thinking- what's the big deal with interior hardware? No one will see it? Well friends, as much as I want to create exterior beauty, I also want to create AMAZING function in my projects. And quality drawers and hinges that won't bang, slam, or pinch little fingers when in use is great function for me.  

5. Add some colour

This is a fun, and really easy way to update a space and in Jenn's kitchen we had fun with the accessories. I think a space should really reflect the personality of its user- and Jenn is vivacious as they come! So we added pops of orange and teal in accessories from HomeSense. HomeSense is my go-to destination for home accessories at exceptional prices (also- fun fact- do you know they sell kitchen gadgets too? How cute it this orange toaster?!? If you're seeking smart design and great prices on coveted high-end small appliances, the exclusive HomeSense Privé Event launches September 15th at select locations with brand name appliances at prices 20-60% less than in specialty or department stores.).

Style a surface well by using a mixture of textures- I always try to incorporate natural woods and linens, shiny ceramics, sparkly glass, and matte concrete in a space for a modern, on trend look. And don't be afraid of colour- especially in a neutral space (the paint colour is a neutral Cabot Trail by Benjamin Moore), the pops of orange and teal are fun and lively. 

Kitchens really are the heart of the home- and it's a joy for me to help families thrive. If you're looking to thrive in your health goals, definitely check out Jenn Pike and The Simplicity Project.  And if this has gotten you inspired to do you own kitchen re-fresh, I'd love to know what tip you might employ in the comments below!

Special thanks to photographer Dann Tardiff, and to the brands mentioned above who partnered with me by supplying product for this kitchen makeover. 


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