Resolutions are great- but not if they don't stick. Are you with me? You swear that this time will be THE time that you'll pray more, get up early, finally work out, finally learn French but a week goes by and the Bible has dust on it, you still hit the snooze button, you go to the gym just to use the massage chair and no you still can't read the massage chair instructions en francais.

I've got some GIANT personal and professional goals this year, and am so excited to tackle them. I have done a ton of visioning work over the holidays, including taking Michael Hyatt's Best Year Ever course (really loving the VIP  level private Facebook group!) and re-looking at materials from a course I did last year called B-School by Marie Forleo- both have been invaluable in helping me clarify where I want to go this year and exactly what I want to accomplish. 

If you want to make your resolutions stick, here are some questions to ask yourself, to remind yourself of the true reason this goal is worth completing:

1. What will I gain by completing this goal?

One of my goals for this year is to continue with regular exercise. I truthfully do not enjoy working out. Despite the fact that I have made my home gym a really enjoyable space to be in, I have invested in a personal trainer because without her showing up I honestly wouldn't do it. However, I remind myself I have many things to gain, including strength for my kids, more energy throughout the day, and less fat on my body. So like with exercise and weight loss, which can be a painful one to accomplish, remind yourself of what you'll gain- and the momentary pain is worth the long term gain. 

2. Who can I help by completing this goal?

Making healthy food choices for me and my family is another goal I am constantly working on. And this year, it has been helpful to remind myself of who I am helping by sticking to the commitment of eating healthy- my kids and my husband. The answer to this question can stretch pretty far and have pretty incredible impact depending on your work / the goal you are setting- and is a great question to keep front and center for anyone with a personal message and an audience. The impact of your goal could be huge for the people you serve- and that can be pretty motivating.

3. What will I lose by not completing this goal? 

Some of my goals for this year are around margin and ensuring I invest my time in the right areas. If I don't do this, and I book myself too busy, I stand to lose a lot of things- personal balance, precious time with my young kids, a healthy marriage, a healthy non sleep deprived body. This is a great question for me to ask myself to ensure I fight for margin.

Happy new year dear readers- here's to an  AMAZING best year ever. For more help on goal setting check out Michael Hyatt's podcast on goal setting here, my post on how to plan your ideal week, and a post I wrote last year on 5 simple ways to make to make your year amazing

What are your goals this year? Love to know what you are fighting for this 2016!