In the beginning years of my career I worked on a lot of condos- to the point that I had basically memorized the floorplans of certain buildings in Toronto! So I really appreciate what small space, dual-purpose furniture can do for people living in tight quarters. Living in a small space myself (a north Toronto semi-detached home, under 1300 square feet with 6 people!) I have to be really strategic about utilizing my square footage- every inch counts. And with 4 small kids, I need SO MUCH STORAGE for all their bits and bobs.

So when I was introduced to Toronto's Modern Sensibility, I was 1) sad I only learned about them now and 2) pretty impressed with some of their space saving offerings. 

Coffee tables with storage are always handy- but a coffee table that can become a dining table like this one above- that is pretty cool.

It was this product that basically made me giddy with excitement. Now let me preface this by saying- storage of toys has always been a pain point for me since having kids. They can really, really, really overtake a house if you don't have practical storage solutions. So knowing this, I took great pains to figure out storage while planning our basement as part of our #canningreno. I have one full wall of floor to ceiling millwork, with ample interior fittings for all the little bits and bobs that come with little kids' toys. On the opposite wall of this millwork the Waterloo is going to live. As you can see in the signage above, it's a sectional that also becomes a bed, that also has storage in every seat, that also has 20 configurations for seating, that also has washable slipcovers, that also is going to SAVE MY SANITY in the basement. Can you tell I'm excited about this piece? 

I mean come on. Storage in every seat. And it's washable.

Here's another example of clever dual-purpose furniture. I think this table is great for people who like to work from their couch- files and office supplies can be kept neatly inside, and out of site when the work day is done.

And of course I had to enjoy a little snuggle with my daughter who came along for the shopping trip. 

Modern Sensibility is located at 380 Alliance Ave. in Toronto, or you can shop from the convenience of home on their website

Where in your home could you use a space saving solution? Love to know in the comments below. 

Thanks to Modern Sensibility for partnering with me on my home renovation and for hosting us in the store. Photos by mdd photography.