Remember when it was sunny and warm in Toronto?!?!? We sure do. As part of my #canningreno crazy project turning myself into the client I have been visiting my fav retailers to help outfit my space. Earlier when it did not require 700 layers of clothing to go outside my daughter and I visited FLOR in Toronto. 

Flor carpet tiles are kind of perfect for someone like me. As in someone with the delightful experience of dealing with SO MANY ACCIDENTS (I shall not articulate what kinds…) But from experience, there was time when we took our living rug to be dry cleaned multiple times a month from the inevitable spills and thrills that happen with small kids (and big kids alike). But it was getting a bit excessive so eventually I would just try to spot clean or take my steamer to it to attempt to disinfect. 

What has hooked me on to Flor is the ability to clean with ease. Due to its modular nature (carpets are made up of individual tiles), if you have a spill, you simply remove the ONE TILE and wash it with soap and water in the sink. If it's damaged beyond repair, you simply buy ONE TILE and replace the spot. It is so practical, so functional for families.

Flor carpet tiles also boast some fun design options. Due to the modular nature you can essentially design anything- the staff can help you do this too. I love the thin grey stripe in this carpet above. 

And of course Evelyn had fun shopping with mom.

Thanks to Flor for partnering with me on my house and for the Toronto location for having us! Photos by mddphotography.

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