Over $3k in guaranteed cash prizes including a $2k first place prize!!!


This is your exclusive invitation to participate in Lisa Canning’s The Possibility Mom upcoming book affiliate launch!

Every mom “moms” differently. Every mom has unique challenges. Every mom has to find her own way. Lisa shares her experiences, inspirations, and strategies with openness, compassion, and positivity.
– Cat & Nat, YouTube personalities and authors of Cat and Nat’s Mom Truths: Embarrassing Stories and Brutally Honest Advice on the Extremely Real Struggle of Motherhood

Lisa’s passion for helping moms live their best life has inspired and motivated me through the amazing but challenging realities of building a family, building a career, and loving both.
– Rachel Cooper of RachhLoves, YouTube personality

Lisa is a powerhouse! She shows you what is possible in motherhood and then some. I’m recommending this book to all my mom friends.
– Jen Fulwiler, SiriusXM radio host and author of One Beautiful Dream

Launch dates – Mark you calendars!
June 3 – July 16
Check out the prizes, commissions, and detailed launch schedule below!

Why join me? Here are the top 3 reasons to participate in The Possibility Mom book launch:


Everywhere I look, moms are exhausted, over burdened, and feeling GUILTY ALL THE TIME. ALL. THE. TIME. Guilty for pursuing work or passions with kids at home, guilty for staying home while their careers pass them by, guilty for working out because they shouldn’t be worried about their bodies, or guilty for feeling like they don’t love every single second of this whole motherhood gig!

And I think it has to stop. The constant guilt HAS TO STOP.

That’s why I wrote the book- It is the kind of book that I wish I could have read when I first became a mom. When I was feeling guilty for wanting to pursue a career, when I was feeling guilty for not loving every minute of motherhood, when I was feeling trapped in a hamster wheel of mom guilt and exhaustion, I wish someone had told me there is another way.

I believe it is 100% possible to be a great mom, and pursue your dreams AT THE SAME TIME. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PICK ONE OR THE OTHER.

But how? How do you get dinner on the table when you are chasing a promotion? How do you juggle multiple kids when you have multiple clients? How do you prioritize your marriage when it seems like everyone else is demanding so much of you all the time?

The answers to this and more is what I aim to share in The Possibility Mom- and I think your audience will thank you for helping them on their journey.


I LOVE supporting entrepreneurial women MAKE MONEY FOR THEIR FAMILIES!!!! And I mean MONEY! Actual cash that allows you to pay the bills, offer amazing experiences for your family, and donate to the causes you love to support.

I want this to be a PROFITABLE experience for you, so you can use this money to support you dreams!!!

I’m going to invite you to introduce the book to your audience via a fun quiz called, “What’s Your Mom Superpower?”, And for every book someone in your audience purchases, we pay you $5.

That’s right! We pay you $5 every time someone from your audience buys a book. On top of that, we pay a 20% commission on EACH of the up-sell product options ($49 and $9).

That’s an opportunity to earn up to $17 per customer! $17 x just 100 people is $1700. Get 1,000 people to buy through your affiliate link? That’s $17,000 dollars in the bank for you!

And you get paid in hard earned dollars, via PayPal (PS it’s in USD!) shortly after July 16.

And it doesn’t stop there- there will be fun “pop up” SALES, contests and other surprises!


You’re a mom, who believes that motherhood is NOT the place your dreams go to die- but instead, it can be a place where they FLOURISH.

I am on a mission – to help make motherhood more manageable, to help make the pursuit of personal goals and dreams within motherhood more attainable.

So if you think like me, and want other moms to feel EMPOWERED to do the same- link arms with me in my mission to impact 100,000 moms in 2019.

So, about those prizes…

We’re giving away $3,000 in prizes!

1st prize: $2,000
2nd prize: $750
3rd prize: $250

Here are all the details again:


Book Cost $16.95 for the book + $4.95 shipping in USD. We pay commission on every sale!
Commission Structure

$5 USD per Book

20% Commission on every upsell (I have a $49 upsell, and a $9 upsell)
$3k in prizes

Important Dates  
Friday, May 31

10AM: Launch party at Lisa’s house 

QUIZ launch – What’s Your Mom Superpower

Friday, June 7

1PM EST: Live webinar with Lisa

Lisa will unpack this topic in a FREE webinar: Unlocking your mom super power- how to uncover your hidden potential so you can pursue your dreams AND be a great mom at the same time

Tuesday July 16 Cart closes

Here’s What To Do Next…

First, be sure to mark down June 3-July 16, 2019 in your calendar. Those are the contest dates.

Second, in order to get added to this year’s affiliate commission program, please sign up now by clicking on the link below.

Any questions or concerns? Email me at lisa@lisacanning.ca

xoxo Lisa