You know what I love about paint? It's an easy way to add a big amount of change for a relatively low investment. So when CIL asked me to share some ways to use paint in your holiday decorating prep I was excited to get my hands dirty. But not too dirty : ) 

I don't have a ton of time to DIY so when I can make the time I like to make it impactful and simple. I did this project in 1 hour, using items I had in storage / around the house. Total cost of this project: $3.97 plus tax. 

Inspired by Style Me Pretty's Christmas Tree Basket, I found a wicker basket that held a bunch of kids' toys in storage. I had intended to do a kids' tree in the basement so I already had picked up my small shrub and used the basket as an alternative to a tree stand / skirt.  

Here is where the $3.97 comes in. I ran out to the Home Depot and grabbed a tester pot of CIL paint. Tester pots are a convenient way to try out a colour on the walls before committing, or do a small decor project. I barely made a dent in my pot for this project so trust me when I say you $3.97 will go pretty far : ) 

I chose to use the colour Peacock's Plume- I love modern colours for holiday colour schemes and teal is so vibrant. I dug through my Christmas storage bins and found pieces collected over the years to build my scheme.

With a regular paint brush, I applied a band of paint to the bottom of the basket right on the wicker. No secret- just apply the paint right from the tester pot. This part took me ten minutes. I could have taped it off but chose to go rogue and attempt it freehand! Doing a band at the bottom keeps it graphic and modern- and really any colour goes as long as you work it into your scheme. Silver or gold could be a really gorgeous contrast against the natural basket fibers. I let the basket dry for a full 45 minutes (go watch some Netflix…) 

Now's the fun part…

As I mentioned off the top, this project took me an hour and besides the goodies I already had around the house I spent $3.97 for the paint sample. Take that holiday budget. 

What painting projects are you working on over the holidays? What item in your home could you give a little holiday paint update? Love to know in the comments below and for more help picking the right paint colour for you click here and here.