As evidenced by this image, our master bedroom pre #canningreno was kinda horrible. We had a closet with no doors that basically looked like it was exploding at all times. Paint chipped everywhere and the space was never designed- just a thrown together mess of hand me downs, broken lampshades, etc. etc. It was kinda the room of shame in our house that we never wanted to show people. Luxurious retreat it was not. 

For our new bedroom I wanted it to feel grown up, sophisticated, and serene. To achieve that, I knew mouldings were going to be important.

So I partnered with Metrie to help me create a unique and custom, finished feel. For nearly 90 years Metrie has been committed to transforming spaces with exquisitely crafted architectural trim. There is a certain je ne sais quis and upscale element that interior finishes (crown moulding, baseboards, trim, doors, etc) provide that really cannot be compared to anything else (save for maybe wallpaper. Combine the two and you are golden).  

I find trim a little intimidating- there are just so many options available and the combinations and permutations are plentiful. So I love that Metrie has divided its products into 5 distinct collections- French Curves, True Craft, Very Square, Fashion Forward and Pretty Simple. They have even created a quiz to help you determine your personal style. In my home I went with the Very Square collection for all of my baseboards, interior doors and trim. 

I love the simplicity of these slab doors. The beauty is in the grain which we enhanced with a medium stain and for our walls we went with applied moulding and painted everything out a dark dark dark navy which I am uber excited about. The result thus far (although still in progress so no pictures to share yet) is pretty breathtaking. As I said at the top of this post, there is a certain level of quality and polish that interior finishings elevates a room to that I argue can't be achieved through gorgeous decorating alone. Can't wait to share the finished product with you (and to get to enjoy it myself as well!)

To learn more about this company visit their website here and read my q&a interview with them here. And for more inspiration for Metrie trim projects check out Christine Dovey's bedroom here and Amanda Forrest's flip on the Marilyn Denis Show here. And of course, to follow along the adventure that is my home renovation, follow the hashtag #canningreno on my social media channels.

Thanks to Metrie for partnering with me on my house! For more on my #canningreno click here, here, and here.