One family tradition that I cherish is that we celebrate 12 days of Christmas. No, I don't have milking maids and french hens at the ready- but for the period between Christmas and Epiphany we are full out, rocking around the tree, making a joyful noise. Tree is still up, carols are still blaring, we are still feasting on shortbread and sugar daily. 

We kept decor pretty minimal colour scheme wise with our white tree and purple ornaments. This year I found this fabulous cinchable tree skirt at Target. Love the burlap natural texture and that is was cheap cheap cheapie.

For these 12 days I am being as intentional as possible to rest, be present, host friends and family and generally just enjoy this time and rejoice as much as possible. I am also fitting in some goal setting for 2015 which has been a really enlightening process this year. I think because I have forced myself to slow down so much it has been easier to see areas I need to make some changes in. 

Lol to my DIY Christmas paint project that my children commandeered with their own sartorial edits : )

What are you doing for the remainder of 2014? Is your tree still up or are ornaments packed away? Love to know in the comments below.